Creating Custom Filter Options

When it comes to creating filters for your report, you rely on the columns/dimensions present in the data which you have selected. Along with that, the options which are available for selection are only the ones available in those columns/dimensions.

However, at times there might be a requirement that the viewer of the report would want some adhoc filtering options.

Let’s consider that you have created a sales report of a company.

And using the same report, the viewer wants to have a look at two different periods of sales. Say, YTD and MTD.

To enable this as a filtering option, you can create a file with some column name, say Period and in that column add two string entries ‘YTD’ and ‘MTD’.

Now, upload this file and using it create a Period filter.
Once the filter is created, visit the View Report section and you will find a filter created by the name ‘Period’ and when you click the drop down you will find selections YTD and MTD in it.

Further, once the filter is created, you can store its value in a variable to access the actual selection which is made. Basis that variable you can vary the formulas or language or business logic which should be driven as per the selected filter option.