Feature - Making variables available across different Phrazor reports

Often, several Phrazor reports or templates are created from a single excel dataset and many of these different reports have common variables. But, for every report, we have to create the variable again and again. It’d be beneficial if we can create a variable once and we get an option wherein Phrazor can ask us for which other reports do we want this variable to be accessible. We can name this as “universal” variable. (One level above “global” variable)

Hi @SPSH007

This can be achieved currently as well.

In the first project that you create on that data, you can calculate all the variables that are common to others reports via the My KPI section of Razor IQ.

These will be available to you in that report as well as while you create newer reports on the same data, you can import all these details from Razor IQ of the first report and use these variables directly.