Make dynamic charts from calculated variables

You can now make charts from calculated variables as well.

If certain values that you want to display through a chart are not directly preset in your data, you can make calculated variables for them and use them to populate the chart.

You can either use lists or pivots to achieve this.

A pivot for e.g.; Pivot_A = {“Jan”:1, “Feb”:2, “Mar”:3} can be simply dropped in any of the charts and it will use the Keys as the X axis and the values as the Y axis.

To achieve a similar result you can use multiple lists and do the same, like you can drop in the chart the following variables:

Category_var = [“Apples”, “Oranges”, “Peaches”]
Quantities_sold = [45, 41, 23]
Profits_made = [135, 164, 230]
By doing this, you can drop as many variables in the Y axis respective to the same X axis categories to show multiple values in the same chart.