Pivot dataset automatic creation

So I create a pivot and save it as a dataset, then when i clone the report and try reconfiguring the same template for another dataset, it prompts me to select pivot dataset as well, this needs to be avoided, it needs to be created at the backend


Thank you for pointing this out. Currently, we do not auto-create the pivot because we cannot precisely know which column in the pivot is to be mapped to in the new dataset since a pivot can be made using variables and complex formulae. We will try to provide a mapper while importing the template that will allow you to configure the pivot as per the new dataset as well. We will add this in our future pipeline.
In the meanwhile, if you want, you can use the Pivot variables, so instead of saving the pivot as a dataset if you save it as a variable, on importing the template, it will automatically be configured as per your new dataset.

Thanks and regards,
Dhwanil Shah