Two condition formatting on a same row not supported

I wanted to apply a condition formating for the table which highlighted the entire row having the highest sales, and also wanted to highlight the text in one of the cells of same row. But it could be loaded on the dashboard.

if what I’m assuming is correct, you’re trying to highlight a row that has the highest sales and in that row, highlight some column cells.
it this is what you’re trying to achieve,
you can do the following.

  1. create a variable that will return the highest sales value.
  2. create a condition that highlights the row when the sales column value matches the variable value (i.e select sales column, select the variable that you created in 1st step as value). and select apply formatting on the entire row.
  3. create another condition. in this condition, configure the condition same as above and select the columns to which you want to apply styles.
    you have to create two conditions for this. this cannot be achieved in a single condition.
    if this is not what you’re trying to do, please elaborate on the issue once.