Understand data through stories

How does that work?

Using technology that writes stories from data in human languages.

How are these data stories better than manual reports?

Data stories use words and visuals to provide context, reveal hidden insights, and recommend actions. All of which are automated.

What will humans do then?

They can make mindful decisions with meaningful insights. Minus the grunt work.
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“With Phrazor’s NLG platform, we are able to provide analysis and insights in simple language, enabling clients to comfortably understand their finances. It’s a remarkable product for the industry.”

Ashley Almeida

Executive Vice President - Digital and Equities Product

“Phrazor has immensely benefited us through fast-track reporting and helped our recruitment team save a significant amount of time and effort, by making standard information available to all, at the click of a button. With Phrazor, we are providing information transparency and real-time insights through reports to all the stakeholders.’’

Ranga Subramanian

Vertical Head HR - Sales Channel

“Phrazor has a unique proposition in AI / NLG, which can deliver greater efficiencies in the reporting and analytics process.”

Sudhir Pai

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer - Financial Services Global Business

“Phrazor is a powerful reporting tool. It has helped our branch banking channel eliminate data redundancy which is common when using an excel spreadsheet. Phrazor-generated reports have helped our branches efficiently track their business performance and share this information among team-members with great ease.”

Sandeep Pradhan

Head - Mobility Products & Channels

“The team did a great job on narrative analytics at SPN. Their technical expertise with Phrazor helped manage our deadlines well on this project.”

Sushma Chopra

Head - IT Applications

“We have been using Phrazor to generate customized reports for our various stakeholders. It is a widely accepted and appreciated platform. Moreover, because they keep enriching it with new features.”

Siddharth Diwan

AVP - Technology

“Phrazor’s solution helps analyze data quickly and generate intuitive reports for our users.”

Satish Joshi



Drive immediate business impact with Natural Language Generation

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Facilitating data-driven decision making at every level

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Amplify your reporting capabilities with Natural Language Generation

  • Make data-driven decisions

    Phrazor's self-service capabilities enable you to make key decisions backed by data and not intuition by delivering quick actionable insights.

  • Eliminate data misinterpretation

    Get AI-powered recommendations in simplified language narratives that tell exactly what the users need to know, leaving no room for data misinterpretation.

  • Never be blind-sided

    Phrazor digs out valuable hidden insights and patterns that you would normally miss out on your regular dashboards.

  • Zero dependency on the IT Team

    Create interactive reports with beautiful visuals and human-like narratives, all by yourself without any help from your IT/Analyst team, in real-time.


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