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Phrazor helps you MAKE DATA-BACKED DECISIONS by translating complex datasets into actionable insights in simple language.

It also:
  • Unearths hidden trends
  • Personalizes reports for each recipient, at scale
  • Generates automated reports at machine speed
phrazor transforms your data into natural language insights

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Why Phrazor

Companies want to build a data-driven decision making culture
Business users and their data questions are too many, analysts available to provide answers are too few. Bottlenecks and frustration are common
Traditional BI tools have a poor adoption rate
Our Commitment to Data Security
At Phrazor, we understand the importance of data security, especially when it comes to working with sensitive enterprise data. To ensure the utmost level of data security, we have implemented several measures, such as anonymizing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), redacting sensitive data, and masking important information before sharing data. This process does not affect the quality or coherence of generated insights.

Note: We do no use any cognitive services like ChatGPT.
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Why Phrazor over other Generative AI tools

Phrazor prevents AI hallucination
Your data trains for your needs and no one else’s
Phrazor understands business context

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BI, Data Analytics and NLG

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Drive immediate business impact with Natural Language Generation

  • 200+

    Use Cases

  • 70%

    Cost Reduction

  • 85%

    Improved Efficiency

  • 20+

    Languages (Regional & International)

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    Industries Impacted

  • 1+ Million

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Language makes all the difference

To understand, tables of data need to be analyzed and charts need to be interpreted. However, language just needs to be read.
Deep insights and relationships between data points can only be communicated using language. Charts and tables don’t help.

Powered by AI

Generative AI (NLG)
Transformer based language models, enhanced with LLMs, that can generate rich and cohesive insights
Advanced Analytics
Machine learning based framework for diagnostic, anomaly and time series analysis

Patents in the fields of NLG & AI

Built for large enterprises

Single Sign-On/ RBAC
Role based access controls with support for protocols and directory services like LDAP and SAML, Active Directory, etc
Row and Column level Security
Granular data control at column, row and object level
Data Encryption
Data secured at rest with state-of-art encryption algorithm (AES 256-bit)

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