Phrazor features

AI-powered Platform
for Data Analysis and Reporting

Explore, analyze and find meaningful insights to enable your team to make data-driven decisions - all at the speed of thought.

How our platform works


All your data in one place

Connect to any data source securely - on-premises or in the cloud.

01Plug and Play Data Integration

Upload your data in any format be it excel, CSV, XML, image or text.

Integrate with popular data sources and cloud app connections such as MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, Cloudera Hadoop, AWS Redshift, Cubes, Teradata, Salesforce, SAP, Adwords, Facebook, and more.

Use our web data connectors to fetch your data from FTP, API or URL.

02Zero IT Dependency

Create your customized data flows by connecting multiple data sources and files - without any SQL or coding knowledge.

Easily transform, clean and merge your data with user-friendly GU.

03Automatic Data Refresh

Schedule data refresh tasks directly on Phrazor to automatically update your data as and when required.

AI-enabled analytics on your data

Discover, explore, and analyze hidden insights and trends with AI and ML- enabled recommendations in Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive analysis.

01Descriptive Analysis

Simplify large datasets in a comprehensive format by providing language summaries that answer “what has happened”.

02Diagnostic Analysis

Examine and drill-down to the root cause of events and behaviors and get answers to questions like “why did it happen’’.

03Predictive Analysis

Forecast specific outcomes by analyzing key trends and patterns based on historic data and find out “what could happen”.

04Prescriptive Analysis

Get AI-powered actionable forecast that recommends the best course of action by simulating multiple what-if scenarios and answers for “what can be done next”.

Converse with your data using intelligent search analytics

Ask Phrazor questions on your data to get actionable insights in natural language. Phrazor’s learning engine keeps track of your searches to provide personalized relevant answers in real-time.

01Ask Phrazor Anything

Type a question or a keyword related to your data and get multiple scenarios and trends related to your query.

02Discover Granular Insights

Explore relevant suggestions for in-depth analysis fine-tuned by Phrazor’s learning engine.

03Interactive Visual Analytics

Get interactive visuals along with language insights in a few bullet points.

04Uncover Hidden Trends

Drill Down into your data, and find reasons and factors that impact your KPI parameters.

05Create Compelling Narratives

Select multiple insight cards and quickly generate a report within seconds.

Create highly-customizable reports at scale

Automate easy-to-understand, language-based reports to portray a clear picture of your company’s data—from understanding what’s happening to knowing exactly what to do about it.

01Set KPI Parameters

Answer a few questions and set a framework to create compelling language-based reports.

02Work with Multiple Scenarios

Add multiple perspectives to your data and define your own KPIs.

03Complete Customization

Fully customize the language, diction of writing, charts, tables and reporting layout as per your liking and requirements.

04Highlight Key Insights

Use conditional colors to capture the attention of the decision-makers by highlighting meaningful insights and trends.

05Beautiful Visualizations

Choose from a wide array of creative visuals like charts, graphs, tables and images for a rich reporting experience.

06Personalize Reports for Each Recipient

Create personalized reports meeting every individual’s needs by sharing only specific insights that are relevant to them.

Build on pre-created templates

Kickstart your reporting by choosing from a wide range of pre-build templates made by industry experts or customize it as per your requirement or liking.

01Customize Reports

Drag and drop to customize reports at insight level or define your own business logic to create one from scratch.

02Report Templates

Choose and create on top of any use-case template from the pre-build report library, designed specially to cater to multiple domains and functions keeping specific industry guidelines and parameters in mind.

Auto-generate AI-powered reports

01Create a Data Story

Answer a few questions to get an auto-generated summarized report as a story.

02Complete Flexibility

Edit insights and customize layouts or charts as per requirement.

User-friendly interactive dashboards

Quickly create your very own intuitive dashboard with drag and drop interface and pre-build analytical functions. Add multiple filters and drill-down functionality for in-depth analysis.

Collaborate, export and share in real-time

Make remote work convenient and interactive by enabling your team to communicate and create reports - all under one roof.


Get work done together no matter where you are by collaborating with your team in real-time right on the dashboard. Comment, assign and tag your teammates to keep the discussions going.


Export reports and insights into PowerPoint presentations, word documents, PDFs, or let your reports speak for you with short audio-video reports.


Share your reports with multiple recipients at scale via email as an attachment or in email body.


Enterprise-Ready Features


Your data is secure with Phrazor, both at-rest as well as in-transit. Phrazor follows industry approved data protection compliance standards for storing and processing data with state of the art encryption methods.

Unlimited Data Scale

Phrazor architecture is build for quick scaling as the size of your data increases or the number of concurrent users grow.

Identity & Authentication

We can quickly connect with your in-house Identity Management and SSO system (such as AD, LDAP etc) to easily import your organisational control over Phrazor application.