Automate manual writing with Phrazor

Manually extracting data, looking for relevant insights, and writing assessments to communicate your data findings can be overwhelming especially when done periodically (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Automating manual writing enables you to free up valuable resources and empowers your team members to work productively in achieving business goals. Writing automation reduces turnaround time, improves accuracy, and brings about standardization.

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What does Phrazor do?

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is an advanced AI-technology that transforms complex data into easy-to-understand human-like narratives.

With NLG, Phrazor makes daunting data universally understandable. This includes writing data-driven reports, easy-to-comprehend language narratives and content descriptions in a few bullet points. Phrazor-generated updates and reports enable you to clearly communicate what your data is saying, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

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Delivering unmatched quality with writing automation

  • speed


    Cut down your turnaround time from days to minutes in generating quality insights and content just as though it is written by humans.

  • accuracy


    Increase efficiency of creating detailed reports and content at scale, while improving quality and accuracy.

  • cost


    Save overhead costs by liberating your team from tedious repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on adding real strategic value.

  • standardization


    Create standardized reports and content at scale as per the requirement of your organization.