Improving Dashboard Functionality Through Design

Improving Dashboard Functionality Through Design

2022-07-22 00:00:00
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Dashboard design and layout have an important say in the level of engagement your dashboard is able to generate. Information delivery, once made engaging, can blossom the deep insights that you present to your audience. It’s no great secret either that the human brain is more accepting of a well-designed entity than a comparatively shabby one.

While our primary focus is on helping business users conduct advanced no-code queries on their own with minimal effort and learning curve, we have focused on the design element with the objective to help 

a) Data consumers find the data presentation interesting, easily navigable and intuitive

b) Dashboard creators increase their tool adoption and present their data so as to deliver maximum impact on their insights

Before we start with the design customization options, here is how a standard Phrazor screen looks like, once a user has uploaded their data and made a no-code query



Let’s look at some of the high-level design control features Phrazor offers:

1. Chart Style Setting

Once a data narrative is generated, Chart Style Setting allows users to pick the perfect visualization to represent the insight


A closer look:


After changing the chart type, users can move on to the next level of customization:



2. Table Customization

Observe the below table. Notice how bland and unengaging it looks


Using the customization options on the left and some crude editing skills, we are able to quickly covert the above into a neat, decipherable table that shifts the emphasis back onto the numbers


3. KPI Control

Phrazor recognizes industry-specific jargon and allows forming one’s own set of KPIs to be used in queries. Observe the following image:

Here we have selected the KPI ‘Common Cities’. Choose from an array of options and check the results as you go along, from the preview dialog box. 


4. Sentence Control

Any sentence can be edited to either highlight or subdue it. Communicating key information becomes a lot easier when user attention can be directed to a sentence of choice



If you have been reading our blogs, you will see that we have been unpackaging Phrazor in every blog. Readers can notice that the Phrazor is holistic - it covers everything that a business wants in terms of its BI requirements, like - 

1. Giving business users the power to truly conduct queries on their own, by just chatting

2. Supporting advanced, context-based queries 

3. Providing instant answers in language

The design and customization features contribute toward building a complete BI solution that doesn’t leave the dashboard creator wanting for features that should ideally have been in the BI Tool. 

If you would like to receive a virtual tour of Phrazor, including an in-depth exploration of the design and customization features, opt for a no-commitment demo with us at a time of your convenience

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