Phrazor Automates Commentary on IPL Matches for a Leading Media & Publishing Company

2020-10-01 00:00:00
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The Indian Premier League is finally here as a relief for Indians and cricket lovers in general, in this dreaded time of COVID-19 lockdown. With zero in-stadium viewers and the event going entirely digital, IPL 2020 has become a game-changer for the media and entertainment industry in terms of viewership and revenue. People rely heavily on television channels, OTT platforms, and news media to follow live matches, commentary, and scores.

Considering the rising demands of digital media and the need for technology to smoothen the immersive experience for end customers, vPhrase has come forward to help media and publishing players with AI-powered content automation.

A mass media giant has joined hands with vPhrase to automate IPL commentary using our product Phrazor. With this collaboration, Phrazor ventures into a new product use case- Robo journalism, wherein it can help publishing companies and journalists in automating written content.

Let us dig deeper into the collaboration.

Phrazor Enters the Arena of Robo Journalism

As the accumulation of data grows at a rapid pace for various industries, automation comes to the rescue and enables businesses to analyze large amounts of data much more efficiently than humans ever can. Phrazor uses Natural Language Generation techniques to help enterprises make the most of their data and communicate it in the form of written narratives in a human-like manner.

While our expertise in analytics and reporting has helped several businesses across industries to get insights out of their data, the new use case of Phrazor encompasses the generation of AI-powered high-quality content at the click of a button.

So, what does Phrazor do?

Over the past several years, capturing of play-by-play data has become a standard in sports, which has leveled up the data volume. Handling this huge amount of data in real-time becomes too time-consuming and hard to digest for journalists and data analysts. This is where NLG tools like Phrazor can help.

Phrazor writes detailed commentary after every 5 overs of the IPL match for the client, which is published on their live feed in real-time. Here are a few snapshots of commentary written by Phrazor.

Robo Journalism for IPL 2020 Commentary
Content Automation for IPL 2020

As seen in the above images, the product writes a headline, a summary, or highlights and then provides a detailed occurrence of events, all without the need for human supervision. Such automation can analyze data and produce insights quickly, and present them in a consumable format in real-time.

While these stories are easy to write, they involve a lot of copying and pasting of data and repetitions, which would lack accuracy and take time if done by humans. Automated content creation thus saves a lot of time for journalists and allows them to focus on writing other qualitative articles.

Apart from writing live commentary on IPL matches, Phrazor also generates content for other news categories such as stock markets, bullion markets, and business news.

As technology evolves, automated content through natural language generation techniques is going to enhance the processes of the media and journalism industry. The automated commentary for the IPL event is just the beginning of a revolution in the way we use digital technologies to consume and experience sports.

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