Augmented Analytics - The Future of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and analytics have advanced considerably in the past decades from Traditional BI, Self-Service BI right up to Augmented Analytics.

Perceived by Gartner to be the next wave of disruption, Augmented Analytics is fast becoming an inherent aspect of BI and analytics systems, machine learning, data science platforms, and embedded analytics tools.

Phrazor offers business users the future of business intelligence in the present. It provides augmented analytics where visualizations are accompanied by insightful commentary in natural language.


How AI is changing BI

Augmented Analytics within Phrazor uses advanced AI technology namely Natural Language Generation (NLG), Natural Language Query (NLQ), and Machine Learning to streamline data preparation and convert data to insights in one automated workflow.

The use of augmented analytical features within BI tools changes the traditional BI process considerably and for the better.


Experience the power of Augmented Analytics
within your BI Dashboard

Our BI plugin provides augmented analytics with natural language capabilities to your BI dashboard. It is agile and easily integrates with standard databases.