Fidelity Leverages Phrazor to Optimize Customized Reporting at Scale

08-12seconds - time taken to generate a report
1800man-hours saved in report generation
100%automation, eliminating human effort to ensure standardization and accuracy

Business Challenge

Traditional Reporting, an impractical approach for reporting at scale

Fidelity’s, Global In-house Center (GIC) employs a huge workforce of business analysts and associates. These professionals are tasked with creating a large number of Fixed Income and Equity Fund reports for US, UK and, India markets on a monthly and quarterly basis. These reports capture critical details related to the fund’s performance and positioning over the quarter or month. For Fixed Income, reporting is based on the investment strategy and for Equity, reporting is carried out for each fund.

Issues Identified

  • The reports need to be created following set standards based on regulatory and business requirements
  • The reports are created manually for each fund using a template set in traditional reporting software, namely, Excel and Word
  • During peak reporting periods a large number of reports need to be generated accurately in a short window of time
  • The team generating the reports is relatively small, to meet the monthly and quarterly reporting requirements for each equity and fixed income fund
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Company Overview

Fidelity is a privately owned investment management firm providing financial expertise to individual investors, businesses, financial advisors, and institutions. It manages equity, fixed income, and balanced mutual funds. Fidelity invests in public equity and fixed income markets across the globe. It conducts in-house research to make its investments.

Services  (Global In-house Center)
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Use Case
Fixed Income & Equity Fund Analysis