Business Intelligence

Phrazor plugin for your BI platform

Bridge the information gap between data experts and decision makers with Phrazor’s NLG extension. Integrating natural language within your Business Intelligence platform helps reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and eliminate the possibilities of data misinterpretation.

  • Decrease time to insights
  • Enable accurate data-driven decision making
  • Personalize reports at scale

See what NLG can do for your BI Dashboards

Augment data visualization with dynamic natural language narratives to help users understand data through stories and visuals appearing in your BI dashboard.


Give your dashboard the Phrazor advantage

  • data-misinterpretation

    Eliminate data misinterpretation

    Powered by AI and Machine Learning engines, Phrazor’s BI extension generates accurate insights in natural language within your BI dashboard, eliminating the risk of data misinterpretation.

  • data-drill-down-capabilities

    Drill down into your data

    Phrazor’s BI plugin has drill-down capabilities that facilitate exploratory analysis for further investigation. A very powerful and useful feature to gain visibility and critical insights.

  • multi-layered-progressive-analysis

    Multi-layered progressive analyses

    Using trends, comparisons, target v/s achievements, and diagnostic analyses, Phrazor’s BI extension write dynamic commentaries to provide answers around what happened, why it happened, and what can be done about it.

  • Save-time

    Save time

    Save considerable time and effort of your data analysts by simply integrating Phrazor’s BI extensions to extract comprehensive insights and trends found in your data, at the speed of thought.

Augment BI Dashboards with Intelligent Search Analytics



Explore data stories written in natural language, augmenting charts and graphs appearing in your Tableau dashboard.

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Power BI

Automate your Power BI dashboard with NLG extension to generate dynamic language commentaries along with data visualization.

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Seamlessly integrate NLG extension in your Qlik BI dashboard to gather actionable insights from your data.



Discover patterns hidden within your data by adding a layer of natural language generation to your SAP BI dashboard.



Bring real-time language insights to your Microstrategy BI Dashboard.

NLG Extension for dashboards across industries