Business Intelligence

Phrazor plugin for your BI Platform

Bridge the information gap between the decision-makers and data experts by adding Phrazor’s NLG extensions to your Business Intelligence Solutions.

Integrating language to your BI dashboard not only reduces the manual grunt work but also drastically reduces the risk of data misinterpretation.

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Give your dashboard the Phrazor advantage

  • Eliminate data misinterpretation

    Powered by AI and machine learning engines, Phrazor’s BI extension generates accurate insights along side your BI dashboard, eliminating the risk of data misinterpretation.

  • Navigate to different levels of data

    Get comprehensive critical insights from your visual data that otherwise would be missed with Phrazor’s BI extension drill-down capabilities.

  • Fueled by distinctive layers of analysis

    Based on Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive analysis, Phrazor’s BI extension shares narrative commentaries to answer the whats, whys, and hows of the data.

  • Save time

    Save hundreds of hours of your data analysts by simply integrating Phrazor’s BI extensions and extracting comprehensive insights and trends of your data at the speed of thought.


See what NLG can do to your BI Dashboards

Synchronize your BI dashboards with dynamic natural language narratives to your visuals - so
that your readers don’t have to interpret the story your charts and graphs are seeking to communicate.

Augment BI Dashboards with
Embedded Analytics


Get in-depth written analysis right alongside graphs and charts in your Tableau dashboards.


Spot hidden trends in your data by adding natural language to your SAP BI Dashboards.


Seamlessly integrate NLG extension in your Qlik BI Dashboard and streamline key takeaways from your data.

Power BI

Automate NLG powered, easy-to-understand, dynamic language commentaries right in your Power BI dashboard.


Bring real-time language insights to your Microstrategy BI Dashboard.

NLG Extension for dashboards of every industry