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Transforming Logistics Management with Business Intelligence

The modern logistics market is more demanding than ever before. Overcoming barriers such as increasing compliance complexities, cut-throat competition, volatile fuel costs, and ever-evolving consumer demand have made it difficult for companies to sustain profitability, let alone expand their market presence.

Business Intelligence and reporting automation can help logistics companies to excel in this competitive market landscape and focus on effective growth strategies.

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Why Choose Phrazor?

Optimize speed of delivery

Optimize speed of delivery

With insights on GPS data, weather data, road maintenance data, fleet, and personnel schedules combined with historic trends, Phrazor can help you optimize the speed of delivery based on the best routes and time.

Reduce labor cost

Reduce labor cost

Reduce human effort and time to produce copious daily, weekly or monthly reports. By automating reports and reassigning employee efforts to other high valued tasks, companies can significantly reduce the overall labor costs.

Forecast demand and supply

Forecast demand and supply

Pre-plan your inventory and shipment based on customer demand and buying behavior, ensuring less waste and more on-time deliveries. By using predictive analytics generate supply and demand forecasts to make right operational decisions.

Use-cases: Phrazor provides detailed analysis and efficient reporting to deliver data-driven logistics insights

  • Distribution Channel Performance Report
  • Brand Sales Performance Report
  • Fill-rate Analysis Report
  • Casefile Performance Report
  • Distribution and Reach Performance Report
  • Store Delivery Efficiency Report
  • CPRP Inflation Report
  • Competition Spends Report
  • Manufacturing Demand and Estimation Report
  • Employee Performance Analysis
  • Facility and Plant Cost Review Report
  • Manufacturing Defect Report
  • Supply Chain Management Report
  • Fleet Utilization Analytics
  • Spends & Overheads Analytics
  • Regional Shipment Analytics
  • Shipment Delay and SLA Reporting
  • Route and Time efficiency analytics

  • Market Share Performance Report

Looking for a specific report? Look through our list of ready-to-use report templates designed by experts from the logistics industry

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