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Romil Shah
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As adults, as sophisticated as we get, we still get overwhelmed by tedious charts, excessive graphs and never ending statistics. Be it a manager at an apex position in an organization or a potential investor, we all dread those wordy technical jargons and indecipherable graphs.


Sample this; you are looking at investing in shares of a company, struggling to find a fruitful analysis amidst all the verbose, monotonous balance sheets and income statements, which after a point look the same. Don’t you feel like asking ‘would somebody just explain it in simple language?’  Yes, we’re that somebody who can cut the story short, explain it in simple language and get to the point.


Welcome to vPhrase, where we transform information to a story and become your bridge between numbers to knowledge. Our young team, comprising of data scientists, developers and artificial intelligence experts, use a distinct and nonpareil technology to pull insights from raw data and present them to you in simple and succinct paragraphs.


Our patent pending platform, ‘PHRAZOR’, serves not just as a robot analyst but can also work as a robot advisor and a robot journalist. PHRAZOR can write a match summary just by taking in ball-by-ball scores, while at the same time it can also analyze the quarterly sales figures of an organization; thereby demonstrating a combination of field and target specific approach to interpret and communicate insights.


Through this blog, we’ll cite some instances of how our technology will empower you to gain a better grasp of generic and mundane data.


Did you feel intrigued by our technology, which would ease your work? Which other aspects you think our technology could help you with? Do let us know in the comments or write to us here!!

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We help business users to effortlessly understand their data through insightful stories, using AI.

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