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Improving Impact and Adoption of your BI Tool

"Self-service analytics and business intelligence (BI) initiatives often get bogged down or derailed due to a lack of trust and understanding between business users and the IT department." - Gartner

How can organizations make the data-to-insights process available to business users without depending on IT teams and data experts to work their BI tools?

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  • Approach to evaluating ROI for BI tools
  • Measuring an Analytics Initiative
  • Drawbacks of Dashboards and Data Visualization Tools
  • Scaling Self-Service Analytics
  • Phrazor Plugin, a Natural Language Generation Extension


Democratizing COVID-19 Data with Phrazor Insights

The world is grappling with a new normal. Rich, poor, educated or not, coronavirus has touched all our lives. Ironically, it is the big equalizer of our times. People are seeking facts to better understand this rapidly evolving situation but find it difficult to make sense of data-heavy updates that need to be figured out. Data alone is not able to communicate the widespread impact of the pandemic.

Phrazor Insights serves as an inclusive solution for users who are not necessarily

  • Business users or
  • Data literate or
  • English-speaking

It generates meaningful, natural language insights in English, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, and Marathi to democratize COVID-19 facts for the layperson.

Look up the white paper to see how a tool like Phrazor provides simplified updates to humans in a language they understand about a pandemic that is still being understood.


Advanced Natural Language Generation for Wealth Management Companies

“Holistic wealth management will emerge as a new kind of digitalized business model. Holistic wealth managers are expected to gain a market share of 30% by 2025. Wealth managers with traditional business models will largely disappear from the market as a result.” - Industry Outlook by EY

Wealth management firms have adopted the finest data analytics applications but manual processes have hindered their ability to fully leverage financial insights embedded inside data. Advanced Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology offers a great opportunity to overcome this drawback.

Get the white paper to discover -

  • How Natural Language Generation is the new wave in AI
  • Practical use cases of how Advanced NLG is used in Wealth Management
  • Recommendations to become a future-ready Wealth Management Company
  • Emerging AI-NLG trends in Wealth Management


The Challenges and Solutions for Improving Understanding of Data

Manually or with a BI tool, companies are progressively buying into the idea of deriving insights from their data reserves. Organizations are using BI to detect significant events and identify business trends for competitive advantage.

Look up this white paper for a bird’s eye view on -

  • Evolution of Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Current Challenges
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generation (NLG)
  • Intelligent Narratives for Faster Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Business Scope
  • Real-World Use Cases