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Make your Marketing Efforts count with Phrazor

To understand what your marketing data is trying to say, you need business intelligence to help you discover actionable insights quickly. Marketing teams can step the gas on strategy and execution if data analytics is managed within the team by non-technical users.

Phrazor speeds up data extraction with automated marketing reports and using natural language generation provides easy-to-understand, narrative, sharp insights into the next steps.

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Why Choose Phrazor?

Gain Competitive Insights

Identify market trends with sharp, competitive insights to help you spot new business opportunities.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Improve brand visibility with innovative ideas unearthed by data-driven insights written in natural language.

Reduce Cost

Cut down on man-hours taken to process and analyze data and reduce costs significantly with automated marketing reports.

Boost Sales

Make your marketing moves quickly and smoothly to drive revenues with actionable data insights that need no interpretation.

Use-cases: Phrazor provides detailed analysis and efficient reporting to deliver data-driven marketing insights

  • Digital Ad Spends Performance Report
  • Google Analytics - Website Performance Report
  • Google Adwords and AdSense Performance Report
  • Social Media Marketing Performance Report
  • Ad Spends Performance Report

  • TV Advertisement Spends Performance Report
  • CPRP Inflation Report
  • Market Share Analysis - BARC, Nielsen, TAM, IMS, AMFI, SIAM
  • Competition Spends Report
  • Competitor Analysis Report

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