Sony Pictures Networks leverages AI and NLG for real-time visibility on Channel Performance to support data-driven decision making

13 genre-level reports auto-generated per week
30 minutes taken for report generation and circulation
48 man-hours saved each week

Business Challenge

Difficulty in performing granular analysis on complex and voluminous data to measure Channel Engagement

The Media & Entertainment industry relies heavily on the loyalty of its subscribers which is measured based on viewership. Every week, the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India releases viewership metrics for every channel. Viewership data processed each week contains genre-level details related to demographics, markets, and geographies.

Due to the complexity and granularity of data, analysts have been deployed to create reports for channel managers and leadership teams. This team measures genre ratings within the respective Target Groups.

The analytics team would manually extract, clean, and process BARC's data using Excel spreadsheets to produce basic tables and reports. Manual reporting methods proved ineffective for deep analysis, making it difficult to accurately measure channel engagement ratio for channels. These reports lacked meaningful insights and further delayed the course of action to be taken by the leadership teams. 

Issues Identified

  • Report generation and analysis was a manual and time-consuming process
  • Processing large datasets every week was challenging 
  • Manual methods made it difficult to analyze data at a granular level
  • Decision-making was delayed due to the lack of accurate and meaningful insights

“The team did a great job on narrative analytics at SPN. Their technical expertise with Phrazor helped manage our deadlines well on this project.”

- Sushma Chopra | Head - IT Applications

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Sony Pictures Network

Company Overview

Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s Sony Corporation. It has a network of 29 channels, and different arms for movie, television, and digital production. Its channels are available in 167 countries, and the reach in India spans 700 million viewers across 170 million households. SPN is present across all mainstream genres namely Hindi GEC (general entertainment channels), Hindi movies, English GEC, English movies, Sports, Kids Entertainment and is also present in Indian regional languages.

SPN was also the first to launch an OTT (over-the-top) platform. 

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Use Case
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