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Optimize Operational Reporting with Advanced Business Intelligence

A major chunk of an operations team’s resources is spent churning out reports and MIS numbers, leaving a lot less time to analyze and act upon the data they see periodically. Save a large part of your team’s day with Phrazor’s reporting automation feature that provides valuable insights in simple understandable language.

It helps teams capture, process and deliver appropriate information in a timely manner to enable swift decisions with near real-time visibility into key operational performance indicators. Personalized reports, auto-generated at scale, help to inform large audiences, both internal and external.

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Why Choose Phrazor?

Reduce Labor Costs

Cut down man-hours spent and costs incurred while generating manual reports. Automate report writing, generation, and scheduling at scale with Phrazor’s operational business intelligence.

Maximize Operational Productivity

Receive auto-generated, customized reports, periodically, updated with charts, tables, visualization, and easy-to-understand insights, in real-time. Save your team a lot of effort and a lot more time to direct towards higher-value, productive tasks.

Reduce noisy data

Phrazor’s advanced augmented analytics will help clear the clutter and get rid of noisy data that tends to mislead operations-related discussions and outcomes.

Use-cases: Phrazor provides detailed analysis and efficient reporting to deliver data-driven operations insights

  • Account Opening/Closing TAT FTR Reports
  • ATM Performance Reports
  • Branch CASA Movement Analysis
  • Branch Control Unit Performance Report
  • Branch Digital Adoption Analysis
  • Branch Teller Performance Analysis
  • Branch Ticket Resolution Report
  • Bug and Issue Ticketing TAT SLA Compliance Report
  • Claims Settlement TAT Performance Report
  • Goal-Based Investment Tracking Report
  • HNW Private Banker Performance Report
  • Incoming Claims Reporting
  • Infrastructure Ticketing Report
  • Loan Approval TAT, FTR, and Mix Reporting
  • Loan Disbursement Reporting
  • Merchant Transaction Report
  • Payment Channel Performance Report
  • Project Management and Milestone Reporting
  • Relationship Manager Performance Report
  • Resource Utilization Efficiency Report
  • Security Breach Detection Analysis Report
  • Shipment Tracking Report

  • Client Portfolio Analysis
  • Advisory Reporting for HNW Families

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