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Optimize Operational Reporting with Advanced Business Intelligence

A major chunk of an operations team’s resources is spent churning out reports and MIS numbers, leaving a lot less time to analyze and act upon the data they see periodically. Save a large part of your team’s day with Phrazor’s reporting automation feature that provides valuable insights in simple understandable language.

It helps teams capture, process and deliver appropriate information in a timely manner to enable swift decisions with near real-time visibility into key operational performance indicators. Personalized reports, auto-generated at scale, help to inform large audiences, both internal and external.

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Why Choose Phrazor?

Reduce Labor Costs

Reduce Labor Costs

Cut down man-hours spent and costs incurred while generating manual reports. Automate report writing, generation, and scheduling at scale with Phrazor’s operational business intelligence.

Maximize Operational Productivity

Maximize Operational Productivity

Receive auto-generated, customized reports, periodically, updated with charts, tables, visualization, and easy-to-understand insights, in real-time. Save your team a lot of effort and a lot more time to direct towards other productive tasks.

Reduce noisy data

Reduce noisy data

Phrazor’s advanced augmented analytics will help clear the clutter and get rid of noisy data that tends to mislead operations-related discussions and outcomes.

Client Testimonials

Use-cases: Phrazor provides detailed analysis and efficient reporting to deliver data-driven operations insights

  • Account Opening/Closing TAT FTR Reports
  • ATM Performance Reports
  • Branch CASA Movement Analysis
  • Branch Control Unit Performance Report
  • Branch Digital Adoption Analysis
  • Branch Teller Performance Analysis
  • Branch Ticket Resolution Report
  • Bug and Issue Ticketing TAT SLA Compliance Report
  • Claims Settlement TAT Performance Report
  • Goal-Based Investment Tracking Report
  • HNW Private Banker Performance Report
  • Incoming Claims Reporting
  • Infrastructure Ticketing Report
  • Loan Approval TAT, FTR, and Mix Reporting
  • Loan Disbursement Reporting
  • Merchant Transaction Report
  • Payment Channel Performance Report
  • Project Management and Milestone Reporting
  • Relationship Manager Performance Report
  • Resource Utilization Efficiency Report
  • Security Breach Detection Analysis Report
  • Shipment Tracking Report

  • Client Portfolio Analysis
  • Advisory Reporting for HNW Families

Looking for a specific report? Look through our list of customized operations templates designed by industry experts.

Plant Demand Fulfilment Report Template
Operations Efficiency – Monthly Order Fulfilment Report Template
State-wise Business Risk Analysis for Insurance Appraisal Report Template
Loan Delinquency Analysis Report Template
Monthly Mobile and Net Banking User Report Template
Monthly Employee Performance as per Serviced Accounts Report Template
Travel and Expense Analysis (Monthly) Report Template
Business Expense Analysis v/s Budget Report Template
Azure Expense Analysis Report Template
Customer Complaint Management (Products) Report Template
Monthly Deliveries Invoice Report Template
Loan Disbursement Report Template
Ticket Resolution Report Template
Customer Care Call Centre Efficiency Report Template
Project(s) Performance for Sr.Management Report Template

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