Tracking product categories and acquiring intelligent intel on product and category lines to achieve faster time-to-insights

Business Challenge



Business managers were finding it difficult to track their products and obtain relevant insights about distribution, sale, root cause of events, etc. The underlying reason for this was the undue time taken to conduct data analysis. By the time data was used in analysis, data was becoming obsolete. Analysis on such outdated data did not favour business managers, who, in addition to real-time data, were also looking for answers to advanced questions that came to mind once they saw the original analysis results. Reverting to BI teams would again mean a delay in data arrival.


The BI team, on the other hand, was finding it difficult to focus on much more than acquiescing to the ad-hoc requests of management. They also failed to provide the required product intel in their original presentations due to the traditional nature of the dashboards being used




Issues Identified


  • Data analysis being conducted on outdated data
  • Dashboards created by analysts were not able to cater to the requirements of business managers, who wanted on-the-fly answers 
  • BI team is confined to fulfilling requests from management, and is not free to focus on long-term business-oriented initiative
  • Tracking product categories and acquiring intelligent intel on each product and category was difficult to represent using traditional dashboards
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