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Enhance Sales Performance with Natural Language Generation

With Business Intelligence, Natural Language, and Augmented Analytics capabilities, all in one tool, Phrazor helps Sales divisions improve their sales performance all year round. Equipped with visuals and augmented narrative insights for every branch, location, and personnel, available in real-time through auto-generated reports, is a huge advantage for sales managers to track performance and change course swiftly when required.

Also, Phrazor’s natural language generation capabilities make it possible to provide personalized reports with easy-to-understand insights to customers that help build better communication between them and the organization thereby leading to increased business with them.

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Why Choose Phrazor?

Seamless Performance Evaluation

Generate automated, role-based performance reports across organizational levels at scale to efficiently monitor and evaluate employee productivity.

Increased Data Literacy and Accuracy

Send personalized, narrative-based, and most importantly, accurate information to stakeholders to improve how data is communicated, understood, questioned and used.

Drive Revenues

Use in-depth customer and ROI analysis, without the number crunching and make swift, data-driven decisions to stop customer churn and drive revenue.

Minimize Manual Effort

Eliminate manual labor involved in report extraction, analysis, and interpretation with automated sales reporting.

Use-cases: Phrazor provides detailed analysis and efficient reporting to deliver data-driven sales insights

  • Ad Spends Performance Report
  • Brand Sales Performance Report
  • Company Sales Performance Report
  • Coupon Performance and Revenue Attribution Report
  • FCT CPRP Performance Analysis
  • FCT Sales Analysis
  • Insurance Agent Sales Performance Report
  • Insurance Retention Report
  • Insurance Sales Performance Report
  • Investment Relationship Manager Performance Report
  • Product Wise Sales Performance Report
  • Repeat Customer Cohort Analysis Report
  • Sales Channel Performance Report
  • Sales Manager Performance Report
  • Sales Medical Representative Report
  • Sales Projection Accuracy Report
  • Sales Projection and Prediction Reporting
  • Store Performance Report
  • Store Sales Manager Performance Report

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