Asset Management Company – Regional Sales Manager Performance Report Template

This template helps Sales leaders of an Asset Management Company monitor and measure the performance of Regional Sales Managers. It enables you to auto-generate a Phrazor report which provides insights around Regional Manager's Overall Performance, Investment Category-wise Performance, Distributor-wise Performance, Performance among Peers (other Regional Managers). These inputs are critical in assessing performance and providing positive feedback as well as direction for improvement. 

Intended audience: This report is meant for Sales Executives and Senior Sales Managers.

Focus metrics: Gross and Net Sales, Change in Sales relative to Industry trends, Top-performing Regional Sales Manager, Position among other Managers, Leading and Trailing Investment Category based on Sales, Highest Performing Distributor.

When to use: Use this report to get answers and context around the sales performance of Regional Managers - How much each one is selling? What categories they're selling? Whom are they selling to? How are they performing compared to the industry and other managers?

The template supports visual dashboards with relevant analytics written in natural-language summaries to provide data-driven insights for your team. 

To use this template, simply download it, connect/upload your data to the dashboard, and run the report. Start by exploring our auto-generated business analytics and create a report effortlessly in a matter of minutes. The template gives you the flexibility to customize and add comments, analysis, and insights as per your needs if required.