Function: Human Resources

Gain 360-degree visibility with HR Business Intelligence

Transform your Human Resource Management with Phrazor. Decode data available on HR systems and gain insights into key metrics measured throughout the employee journey within the organization.

Look into critical statistics related to hiring, compensation, training, performance, retention, growth, and development at an enterprise level, using easy-to-understand narratives and visualizations which provide numerous insights hidden inside the numbers.

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Why Choose Phrazor?

Customization at Scale

Easily generate personalized reports for HR management, at scale, with intelligent reporting automation.

Save Processing Time

Understand complex, correlated numbers by simply reading the NLG-driven narratives appearing in a simple language alongside charts and tables. Save time processing and interpreting data.

Data-powered Decisions

Use your data effectively to monitor key metrics namely time-to-hire, time-to-fill, absence rate, employee productivity index, training efficiency, talent turnover rate, retention rate, among others, and take timely, well-informed decisions.

Use-cases: Phrazor provides detailed analysis and efficient reporting to deliver data-driven HR insights

  • Employee Attrition Analysis Report
  • Employee Onboarding TAT and FTR Report
  • Employee Source and Diversity Mix Report
  • Hiring Cost Analysis Report
  • Manning, Vacancy Closure Ratio Report

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