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Revamp Pharma Reporting with Data-Driven Stories

The Pharma Industry is constantly tied up with serving the health needs of millions of patients with varied afflictions and also has to keep up with stringent regulations and compliance standards.

Automation and advanced augmented analytics are transforming the pharma industry in multiple ways such as accelerating drug discovery and development, increasing the efficiency of clinical trials, streamlining compliance, and driving effective marketing and sales operations.

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Why Choose Phrazor?

Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Get granular analysis on key industry metrics to make smarter business decisions, increase revenue, and reduce costs.

Drive Sales Performance

Drive Sales Performance

Enable sales reps to focus on high-touch customer engagement with doctors and pharmacists by automating repetitive processes of sales rep detailing.

Streamline Compliance

Streamline Compliance

Meet stringent regulations and compliance standards by significantly reducing the possibility of human errors with automation.

Use-cases: Phrazor provides detailed analysis and efficient reporting to deliver data-driven pharma insights

  • MR Performance Report
  • Leadership Sales Analytics
  • Sales team performance report
  • Division Performance report
  • Plant Management and performance reporting
  • Distribution Channel Performance Report
  • Distribution and Reach Performance Report
  • Sales Report
  • Delivery Efficiency Performance Report
  • Order Invoice Report
  • Brand Sales Performance
  • Country Level Sales Performance

  • Market share report
  • Vendor rationalization 
  • Demand Forecast Accuracy report
  • Expense and Overheads reporting
  • Supply Chain Management Report
  • Facility and Plant Cost review Report
  • Manufacturing Demand and Estimation Report
  • Manufacturing Defect Report
  • Competition Spends Report
  • Cost Review Management
  • Net sales and Gross Margin Report

  • Clinical trial report
  • Regulatory report

Looking for a specific report? Look through our list of ready-to-use report templates designed by experts from the pharma industry

Plant Demand Fulfilment Report Template
Pharma - Market Intelligence Competitor Performance Report Template
Operations Efficiency – Monthly Order Fulfilment Report Template
Business Expense Analysis v/s Budget Report Template
Customer Complaint Management (Products) Report Template
Monthly Deliveries Invoice Report Template
Pharma - Primary Sales Performance Report Template
Pharma - Secondary Sales Performance Report Template
Pharma – Monthly Sales Performance for a Region/Geography Report Template
Medical Representative’s Coverage and Sales Performance Report Template
Talent Acquisition Report Template
Customer Acquisition Analysis Report Template
Ticket Resolution Report Template
Procurement Spend Analysis Report Template
Procurement Buyer’s Guide Report Template
Medical Representative’s Physician (Digital) Outreach Performance Report Template
Physician (Digital) Outreach Engagement Report Template
Phishing Attacks Report Template
Pharma - Integrated Brand Performance Report Template

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