Google Analytics Digital Marketing Spend Report Template

This template provides smart and granular insights into the firm’s budget spent on marketing activities. These insights take into account costs incurred on customer acquisition across channels by the marketing team. The auto-generated report also includes ROI analysis and indicates the difference in actual spend and allotted budget towards marketing for a specified period. This report covers all aspects of costs incurred to help analyze investment made and manage budget forecasts towards marketing for the upcoming period. 

Intended audience: The Google Analytics Digital Marketing Spend Report is meant for the CEO, CMO, and the Finance Head.

Focus metrics: Overall Cost Incurred, Conversions to Cost Ratio, CAC, CPC, LTV

When to use: Use this report to gain insights on cost management and budget variance related to digital marketing activities in the company.

The template supports visual dashboards with relevant analytics written in natural-language summaries to provide data-driven insights for your team. 

To use this template, simply download it, connect/upload your data to the dashboard, and run the report. Start by exploring our auto-generated business analytics and create a report effortlessly in a matter of minutes. The template gives you the flexibility to customize and add comments, analysis, and insights as per your needs if required.