What is Data Storytelling?

Data storytelling is the synergy created when data, visuals, and narratives come together. Using natural language generation, Phrazor helps enterprises create unique AI-generated data stories without human intervention.

It connects the dots, creates visuals, augments the visuals using narrative insights and a data story is born.


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Tracking data-driven stories in real time

Phrazor Insights is designed and developed to create compelling data stories of noteworthy events across the globe in real time. It sources datasets from credible sources and powered by AI, ML, and advanced natural language generation, converts complex, large volumes of data into bite-sized updates.

The Coronavirus pandemic is a case in point of how overwhelmingly large and complex global datasets updated daily, have become insightful data stories in English and regional Indian languages, providing invaluable information and context to diverse audiences.

COVID-19 Data Stories


Data interpretation can be a tricky

To know more about the challenges and solutions for improving the
understanding of data, read our white paper.