Media Conglomerate automates data journalism to instantly convert raw data into numerous rich news articles with Phrazor

37 Indian cities covered daily for Gold/Silver updates in English and Hindi
180 business articles with 6 real-time updates per day/stock with zero effort
480 sports articles covering 60 IPL matches
1071 state election articles reporting constituency data for 6 Indian states

Business Challenge

Expensive manpower and excessive resources required to manually create and update data-based articles in real time

The process of Journalism involves investigation (research, data processing), content production (writing, editing) and distribution. In online data-based journalism, the investigation aspect is often covered by data received periodically and the distribution is done through digital publications. Content production is an important but laborious part of the process which is still being done manually in a lot of publishing houses.

Our client too was one such company that had its in-house editorial team working on every article being published. This restricted their pace and also the volume and quality of published content. The manual process was not built for speed, scale or accuracy. It was also holding up periodic updates in the articles to align with the data in real-time. In the digital world fewer articles and updates mean lesser traffic and bad SEO for the website. The client was looking for an AI-powered alternative to replace this manual approach towards content production. 

Issues Identified

  • The manual approach made excessive use of resources which cost the company 
  • The limited availability of writers and editors led to significant delays and hold-ups in the publishing process 
  • Data-based journalism is especially subject to inaccuracies in writing and processing information when done manually
  • The traditional approach impacted the limited real-time updates to online articles thereby impacting the speed and scale of publishing content
  • This affected the website’s SEO and traffic to the web pages
  • Time and effort invested by journalists in the writing of these articles could have been used to write articles which cannot be automated or written by AI
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Company Overview

Our client is one of the biggest media companies across Indian states and media platforms. It owns a leading (by circulation) newspaper in India. The company also has a number of sister publications in English and Hindi languages, designed to cater to niche audiences both in print and digital formats. 

The group is a well-diversified media conglomerate that believes in keeping up with the times and trends being seen in media and technology to deliver efficient and quality content to its audiences. 

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Use Case
Automated News Articles in Natural Language based on Structured Data 
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