BI & Analytics | 6 min read
How Marketing Analytics Optimizes Marketing Efforts

Know for sure if your marketing efforts are hitting bullseye or missing the mark.

Analytical Thought | 5 min read
Impact of Good Insights in Business

Why do managers not use data or insights? Can insights be bad? What is a good insight? Read on for answers.

BI & Analytics | 11 min read
Leveraging Sales Analytics to Gain Competitive Advantage

Learn how Analytics is shining the light on your sales data to stay ahead of the game.

BI & Analytics | 5 min read
How HR Analytics can find the Right Talent and drive Business Productivity

Gain complete visibility of the human resource lifecycle to drive business value.

Trends & Outlook | 5 min read
Business Intelligence vs Data Analytics vs Business Analytics

What is the best fit for your business needs? Let’s find out.

BI & Analytics | 5 min read
How Pharma can Optimize Sales Performance Using Business Analytics

The Pharma play is smartening up with automated insights to drive effectiveness in Sales and Marketing efforts.

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