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Going beyond Business Intelligence with Augmented Analytics

Explore how business intelligence systems have evolved into augmented analytics, allowing businesses to become smarter and more proactive.

Romil Shah | 6 min read

How is Reporting different from Business Intelligence?

Discover the nuances of reporting, business intelligence, and their convergence in business intelligence reporting.

Nisarg Bavishi | 8 min read

The art of Data-Driven Storytelling - What is it and why does it matter

Learn why data-driven storytelling, and not just data analytics is necessary to drive organizational change and improvement.

Romil Shah | 6 min read

How Big Data Analytics aids Media & Entertainment

Discover how big data analytics is helping media companies to maximize their entertainment value and enhance their business performance.

Romil Shah | 8 min read

Applications of AI in the media & entertainment industry

From the way creators conceptualize media content to the way consumers consume it, AI is seeping every aspect of the media and entertainment industry.

Romil Shah | 6 min read

How Natural Language Generation Is Helping Democratize Business Intelligence

Discover the role of natural language generation in democratizing business intelligence and building a fully data-driven enterprise.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

It's time to upgrade your BI with natural language generation

Learn how natural language generation can help organizations extract the maximum value from their business intelligence tools.

Romil Shah | 6 min read

How AI can add value to Human Resource Management

Explore the different ways enterprises can use artificially intelligent automation for HR functions.

Romil Shah | 8 min read

How AI is Transforming HR Management

See how AI-enabled HR automation is helping enterprises to enhance the end-to-end employee lifecycle.

Nisarg Bavishi | 5 min read

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