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Leveraging Sales Analytics to Gain Competitive Advantage

Learn how Analytics is shining the light on your sales data to stay ahead of the game.

Srishti Mittal | 11 min read

How Pharma can Optimize Sales Performance Using Business Analytics

The Pharma play is smartening up with automated insights to drive effectiveness in Sales and Marketing efforts.

Srishti Mittal | 5 min read

Business Intelligence vs Data Analytics vs Business Analytics

What is the best fit for your business needs? Let’s find out.

Srishti Mittal | 10 min read

How HR Analytics can find the Right Talent and drive Business Productivity

Gain complete visibility of the human resource lifecycle to drive business value.

Srishti Mittal | 11 min read

How Marketing Analytics Optimizes Marketing Efforts

Know for sure if your marketing efforts are hitting bullseye or missing the mark.

Srishti Mittal | 6 min read

Applications of NLQ in Marketing

NLQ holds the potential to completely revolutionize the way the marketing department works, helping them improve lead generation, measure campaign performance, sift through web analytics, and create effective content.

Akanksha Ramchandani | 8 min read

Does Your BI Tool Have These 4 Must-Have Features?

Although BI tools are being widely indoctrinated into a company’s tech arsenal, its usage and adoption still leaves a question mark on the validity of the BI investment made. Some of the common reasons why Business Intelligence tools are not being adopted company-wide are:

Akanksha Ramchandani | 7 min read

Taking Collaboration To The Next Level With Modified Reports

Phrazor provides a simple solution: create an additional, ‘modified’ report that holds all your comments and edits, without altering the original report whatsoever.

Akanksha Ramchandani | 5 min read

How To Create A Dashboard By Just Chatting - In 4 Steps

Due to the cumbersome process of communicating with tech teams, business users have to wait for weeks or days to get even ad-hoc queries answered. The dependency on data analysts is just far too great. Additionally, most dashboards in use today are of a static nature..

Akanksha Ramchandani | 7 min read

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