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Taking Collaboration To The Next Level With Modified Reports

Phrazor provides a simple solution: create an additional, ‘modified’ report that holds all your comments and edits, without altering the original report whatsoever.

Akanksha Ramchandani | 5 min read

How To Create A Dashboard By Just Chatting - In 4 Steps

Due to the cumbersome process of communicating with tech teams, business users have to wait for weeks or days to get even ad-hoc queries answered. The dependency on data analysts is just far too great. Additionally, most dashboards in use today are of a static nature..

Akanksha Ramchandani | 7 min read

Why Narrative-Based Drill-Down is Superior to Normal Drill-Down

Narrative-based drill-down helps achieve the last-mile in the analytics journey, where the insights derived are able to influence decision-makers into action. Let’s understand how narrative-based drill-down works through a real example...

Akanksha Ramchandani | 7 min read

Why Phrazor’s Conversational Analytics Chatbot is a Cut above other Chatbots

The querying capabilities of Ask Phrazor when compared to the other solutions available in the market, those from Tableau and Power BI, for instance, leave clear daylight between Ask Phrazor and the others. Here are 5 features that showcase how Ask Phrazor is a cut above the rest:

Akanksha Ramchandani | 7 min read

Don’t Ask Your IT Team, Ask Your Data - Dashboard Conversation Interface for Business Users

Conversational analytics on dashboards for business users means they can conduct queries and ad-hoc queries on dashboards in real-time, without the need to revert to tech-based teams and wait for days or weeks for reverts.

Akanksha Ramchandani | 9 min read

Self-Service BI - The Way Forward For Both Analysts and Business Users

The most important question that business users should be asking when making important decisions is this: does my dashboard enable me to take decisions independently?

Akanksha Ramchandani | 7 min read

How a Self-Service BI Tool can help the Financial Services industry in Market Intelligence Reporting

Market intelligence reports are to enhance your business intelligence and decision-making. Self-service BI tools can help financial service providers expand their offerings, discover unexplored markets, become more efficient.

Akanksha Ramchandani | 12 min read

Why Augmented BI is a must-have for your business?

Learn how Business Intelligence has evolved into self-service augmented analytics that enables users to derive actionable insights from data in just a few clicks, and how enterprises can benefit from it.

Shruti Vasudevan | 15 min read

How is Natural Language Generation Enhancing Processes in the Media & Entertainment Sector

Natural Language Generation plays a vital role for media and entertainment companies to create the right customer experience. It improves processes, boosts customer engagement, and gain a competitive advantage.

Shruti Vasudevan | 10 min read

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