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Self-Service BI - The Way Forward For Both Analysts and Business Users

The most important question that business users should be asking when making important decisions is this: does my dashboard enable me to take decisions independently?

Akanksha Ramchandani | 7 min read

How a Self-Service BI Tool can help the Financial Services industry in Market Intelligence Reporting

Market intelligence reports are to enhance your business intelligence and decision-making. Self-service BI tools can help financial service providers expand their offerings, discover unexplored markets, become more efficient.

Akanksha Ramchandani | 12 min read

Why Augmented BI is a must-have for your business?

Learn how Business Intelligence has evolved into self-service augmented analytics that enables users to derive actionable insights from data in just a few clicks, and how enterprises can benefit from it.

Shruti Vasudevan | 15 min read

How is Natural Language Generation Enhancing Processes in the Media & Entertainment Sector

Natural Language Generation plays a vital role for media and entertainment companies to create the right customer experience. It improves processes, boosts customer engagement, and gain a competitive advantage.

Shruti Vasudevan | 10 min read

Making Sense of Big Data with Natural Language Generation

Businesses often face challenges in combing and mining the right data and translating it into useful and actionable insights. NLG uses the power of language to automate this process and bridge the gap. Read this article to find out how NLG can be effectively used to analyze big data.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

How Natural Language Generation is Transforming the Pharma Industry

Natural Language Generation is transforming the pharma industry by increasing the efficiency of clinical trials, accelerating drug development, improving sales and marketing efforts, and streamlining compliance.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

Introducing Phrazor: Everything you Need to Know About This Smart BI Tool

Meet Phrazor, our self-service BI platform that turns complex data into easy-to-understand language narratives.

Nisarg Bavishi | 10 min read

Taking Financial Analysis and Reporting to the Next Level with Natural Language Generation

NLG in finance simplifies data management by automating time-consuming and repetitive workflows and increasing the speed and quality of analytics and reporting.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

Phrazor Automates Commentary on IPL Matches for a Leading Media & Publishing Company

Phrazor collaborates with Hindustan Times and ventures into a new product use case, wherein it can help publishing companies and journalists in automating written content.

Nisarg Bavishi | 5 min read

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