Reporting Automation for Financial Services Companies

Win back hours in your day by regulating labor-intensive processes with intelligent automation. Deliver a consistent, objective view of the performance drivers of your data in a scalable fashion using Natural Language Generation.

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HDFC Bank - HR Barclays Dun & Bradstreet Fidelity HDFC Securities ICICI Lombard Kotak Mahindra Bank Mastertrust Motilal Oswal Reliance MF Yes Bank Happyness Factory HDFC Bank - Digital Team

Why Choose Phrazor?

Improved TAT

Improved TAT

Complete thousands of hours of manual work in just minutes with little or no human involvement. Phrazor uses NLG to power insightful financial reporting at scale.

Personalized Reporting

Personalized Reporting

Scale your financial reports with personalized commentaries and insights, tailored to the needs of specific audience - C-Level, Financial Planning & Analysis Leaders, Managers, Executives, Analysts, and more.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Ensure accuracy, consistency and compliance by generating standardized financial reports, eliminating the risk of errors usually involved in manual writing.

Client Testimonials

Use-cases: Phrazor provides detailed analysis and efficient reporting to deliver data-driven business insights


  • Monthly Report
  • AMC Performance Report
  • RM Performance Report
  • RM MIS Report
  • Merchant Sales Performance Report
  • Branch Performance Report
  • Account Opening Performance Report
  • Loan Application Report
  • Mobile & Netbanking Adoption Report
  • Cluster Performance Report
  • Sales Performance
  • Zone Performance Report

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Goal Tracking & Performance Report
  • Expense Analysis Report
  • Mutual Fund Statement
  • Quarterly Earnings

  • Corporate Claims Report
  • Company Summary Report
  • Disclosure Report
  • Credit Risk on EMI Report

  • Credit Proposal Report
  • Fund Performance Report
  • Credit Score Risk
  • Fund Analysis
  • Lending Proposal
  • Credit Risk and Research
  • Risk Assessment Report


Advanced natural language generation for wealth management companies

Wealth management firms have adopted the finest data analytics applications but manual processes have hindered their ability to fully leverage the financial insights of their data.

Natural Language Generation technology offers a great opportunity to overcome this drawback. By analyzing data and transforming it into easily comprehensible human-like narratives at scale, wealth management companies can deliver an advisor-like experience to its customers.


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