How HDFC Bank increased the overall productivity of its 5000+ branch network with actionable insights

6,250reports generated monthly for all Branch Managers
5days - expedited timeframe for monthly report generation
450man-hours saved in MIS preparation

Business Challenge

Substantial manual efforts involved in creating performance reports and deriving insights 

To increase customer satisfaction and ROI through digital channels, the Branch Banking Heads (BBH) closely monitor the performance of branches in their region. HDFC Bank has a wide branch distribution network comprising Branch Banking Heads (BBH), Regional Heads (RH), Circle Heads (CH), Cluster Heads (CH), and Branch Managers (BM). Every month the Branch Managers receive a branch performance report. 

These reports mainly contained tables and charts to convey performance numbers. The Branch Managers were required to manually analyze the numbers, compare it with the monthly allotted targets, and interpret the data to share with their Cluster Heads. The Cluster Heads followed the same process of manually collating the branch performance reports for their respective regions into one comprehensive report, to present it to the Circle Heads. This process was mirrored and followed through right up to the Branch Banking Heads. 

This system of report creation and analyzing data proved to be very time-consuming and inefficient. The managers spent hours collating the data, interpreting insights, and creating personalized reports for the next in line senior manager, explaining the metrics appearing in charts, graphs, and complex visuals. The manual effort required to provide personalized comprehensive reports was substantial and slowed down the overall deliveries. 

Issues Identified

  • Manual data extraction from MIS for report creation
  • Lack of personalized reports across branches
  • Branch employees spent too much time analyzing and interpreting data on hand
  • Branch Banking Heads could not perform a quick analysis of sales performance

“Phrazor is a powerful reporting tool. It has helped our branch banking channel eliminate data redundancy which is common when using an excel spreadsheet. Phrazor-generated reports have helped our branches efficiently track their business performance and share this information among team-members with great ease.”

- Sandeep Pradhan | Head - Mobility Products & Channels

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Company Overview

HDFC Bank is a leading private bank in Asia with a countrywide distribution network of 5000+ branches and 13,500+ ATMs in more than 2,700 cities. HDFC Bank has a phygital presence. It serves customers through physical and digital branches. The bank is executing 85% of total transactions through digital channels.

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