Function: Supply Chain

Use Data-Driven Insights in Supply Chain Management

Respond swiftly to big data churned out by your supply chain. Phrazor’s AI-powered advanced augmented analytics and natural language generation capabilities provide trends and actionable insights to guide your team to take swift action.

Phrazor’s customized reporting and real-time data insights provide much-needed transparency and visibility to participants across the supply chain to monitor product spend among suppliers and reduce expenditure with prompt action and proactive measures.

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Swift Reporting

Use the benefits of automated reporting to your advantage. Generate accurate reports within no time, at scale to meet time-sensitive supply chain requirements.

Timely Execution

Text: Gain actionable insights and improved visibility in real-time (not on hindsight) with AI-powered business intelligence. Drive sales on the ground with timely execution triggered by data analytics.

Enable Efficient Distribution

Provide transparency with streamlined data and insights into number and timeliness of shipments, and distributor routes for smooth delivery.

Enhance Optimized Procurement

Consolidate supplier data all under one BI tool to help increase savings by analyzing past contract expenditure.

Use-cases: Phrazor provides detailed analysis and efficient reporting to deliver data-driven supply chain insights

  • Supply Chain Management Report
  • PO Approval Bypass Reporting
  • Purchase Officer Performance Reporting
  • Vendor Consolidation Reporting
  • Vendor Onboarding Performance Reporting
  • Vendor Order Rejection Report
  • Vendor Performance Reporting
  • Casefill Performance Report
  • Channel Neighbor Placement Analysis
  • Channel Pack Recommendation
  • Distribution and Reach Performance Report
  • Distribution Channel Performance Report
  • Fill-rate Analysis Report
  • Inventory Analysis Report
  • Store Delivery Efficiency Report
  • Supply Chain Management Report
  • TV Network and Distribution Performance Reporting

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