How Natural Language Generation helps improve sales communication for Asset Management Companies?

2016-06-13 00:00:00
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Ravindra Jadeja is a Relationship Manager (RM) of a leading Asset Management Company in Mumbai. Every month, he dreads receiving the monthly consolidated sales report in his inbox. As you might have already guessed, the sales excel report is nothing but an indecipherable matrix of numbers staring at him in the void. Here is the sample



Irrespective of the fact that he has had a good performance this month and is on course to have a rocking quarter, he sincerely feels that the report needs to be much more humane. He’s never been able to feel a sense of pride looking at the soulless numbers shouting at him to derive the pleasure instead of explicitly sharing his glory.

If only Ravindra was presented with a report like the one below




Wouldn’t it be a lot more appreciable?

Large Asset Management companies usually have thousands of employees in their sales staff. Every month, these poor souls are subjected to an unnecessary test of their intellectual capabilities while browsing through the sales report. While assessing sales performance, the importance of numbers is unquestionable. Many data analytics software solutions can produce sexed up charts and graphs from excel data, but they still lack a narrative juice. What good would be an attractive-looking email of colored charts and graphs, when the very employee it's meant to inspire is perspiring while trying to make sense of it. The poor employee would end up spending hours to analyze his own performance instead of using his time to generate more sales. In all probability, the asset management firms might be aware of this challenge facing their sales employees. However, due to the paucity of resources at their end, a custom story based approach to sales performance communication can be considered wishful thinking. Especially if the company has multiple offices in different parts of the country, making a monthly personalized sales performance communication through incumbent human resources can be an ambitiously cost and time intensive a project.


Enter Natural Language Generation In case you were wondering, the above snapshot of the narrative form of sales communication, wasn’t written by a human. It’s a fine example of Robo-journalism at its best. Wouldn’t you agree that the above report is much more expressive and insightful than the former snapshot of the excel file? Also, it has a lot more explicit actionable information and advice to improve the performance. Companies like vPhrase are in the space of revolutionizing corporate journalism as we know it. They are doing it effectively and efficiently through the use of Natural Language generation.

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