Can software write content for you?

Romil Shah
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We are living in an era characterized by digital marketing, where having a strong online presence is vital for success. As much as you invest in building your product, improving your services and carving a niche for yourself, it is also absolutely essential to maintain an up-to-date website or blog that gives a voice to your firm and speaks of all that it has to offer. A study by Google claimed that 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses.


The aim is to provide information to site visitors and rank higher in search engine results (think SEO) to drive more traffic to your page. Such a 24*7 virtual showroom allows potential customers to check out your business from the comfort of their homes, while boosting marketing, selling and brand-building.


The importance of a strong online presence cannot be underestimated. But with other aspects of the business to look into, it is seen as a difficult and time-consuming task, which leads one to think if content generation for websites and blogs can be automated.


There is a plethora of tools out there that use keywords and RSS feeds to search the web for articles relevant to your domain and industry, make slight modifications if necessary, and republish them on your site. While such keyword-based automation tools may help improve your visibility on search engines and save time with their “set it and forget it” principle, the output will lack a fresh voice, originality and a personal touch. Keeping these tools aside, how about having an Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed platform that allows you to have the best of both the worlds?


We’re talking about a platform like PHRAZOR by vPhrase that takes key parameters in structured format as input and generates content in the form of crisp narratives exclusively for you within a few seconds. ‘How come it is authentic and quick at the same time?’ you may ask. The answer lies in the fact that such a language generation platform can be easily configured with the domain knowledge and expertise of your best employees. It studies and understands your business and then produces output in the voice and tone of your organization.


The Indian business news and online trading website, makes use of PHRAZOR to power live market commentary on their website. Based on live stock market feed, prices of top stocks, their index movement, market indices and indicators are fed into the platform, which understands the same and generates comprehensible content, coupled with statistical summary, to be published on the website. Tata Consultancy Services also avails the services provided by PHRAZOR to generate valuable website content at a high speed for its clients across multiple business domains.


Apart from textual content, audio and video can also be auto-generated, saving a great deal of time and other resources. In an age where companies are looking for global market domination and solving business problems smartly, where the usage of social media is skyrocketing, where businesses are having a virtual version of themselves available online, it is only wise to let AI assist you in making headway towards your goals.

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