Taking Collaboration To The Next Level With Modified Reports

Taking Collaboration To The Next Level With Modified Reports

2022-04-14 00:00:00
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Our recent pursuit has been to exhibit Phrazor’s features on platforms where readers can access them at their will, like Why Narrative-Based Drill-Down is Superior to Normal Drill-Down (it really is), or How to Create a Dashboard by Just Chatting - in 4 Steps, designed to allow businesses to create highly actionable dashboards literally all by themselves. Today we talk briefly about Phrazor’s ‘Mode’ feature, what advantages it carries for report creators and consumers, and illustrate how simple it is to use the ‘Mode’ feature through screenshots from the Phrazor dashboard. 


When reports are prepared, many people seek to add value to the report by adding comments, editing report content, and so on. The purpose behind this is to enhance the value of the report by updating it to reflect the current organizational status, be it with respect to the internal organizational metrics, employee productivity and performance, or external market scopes. 

While such editing and commenting are helpful, they also carry certain side effects. Modifications of the content of the original report may, over time, lead to the original report being lost. The report becomes so modified, it seems manipulated. 

On the other hand, commenting and editing are necessities without which it may not be possible to present key insights from data that reflect current business events. Commenting also plays a key role in collaboration amongst colleagues for project-building or issue resolution.

Turns out, one cannot do away with these important functions as well. 

So, what’s the solution?


Phrazor provides a simple solution: create an additional, ‘modified’ report that holds all your comments and edits, without altering the original report whatsoever. The original report remains perfectly intact while users are able to note certain events or add additional remarks on the ‘Modified’ version of the original report. 

Let’s dive right into an example and see how the ‘Mode’ feature works:

1. Right here is what the general Phrazor dashboard looks like. Zooming in on the top left panel, we see the Mode feature containing two mode options: Original and Modified.

Zooming in…


2. Select ‘Edit Version’. On the right side of the main report, you will see options to ‘Add modified insights



3. Clicking on it will reveal a dialog box, where you can add an insight/comment. You can see the line ‘This is where I add a modified insight’ already typed in 


4. Select ‘Done’ and your modified insight merges seamlessly into your report!


The top left panel is always available to toggle between the original report and the modified report. In addition, one can also know if someone else is editing the report through the lock icon



1. The Mode feature allows direct collaboration within the dashboard ecosystem, saving the endless back and forth via emails

2. It allows managers to have a stronger hold over the information presented to them. Sales managers, for example, can be assured that their numbers are not being manipulated

3. Modified reports allow report creators to dynamically update the report while keeping the primary information intact

4. Multiple users can collaborate to modify a single report

5. Multiple reports can be created, where one can add personalized comments on each version of the report created via different filters which won't be displayed on other reports. For example, an employee performance report recording leaves taken by each employee during the year is prepared. Through Mode, the reason for leaves taken by each employee can be mentioned in their individual reports separately. Configured reports cannot facilitate this

6. Both versions of the report, the original and the modified remain available for use at any given time

If you like this feature, we are sure you would love to have other Phrazor features presented to you. How about scheduling a no-obligation demo call with us? 

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