Talent Acquisition Performance Overview Report Template

This template provides an overview of the Talent Acquisition team’s performance and helps plan and develop the workforce using automated smart insights related to internal hiring and attrition rates. These insights are based on the manning percentage of your company, status of open vacancies and their function-wise distribution, hiring rate, hiring budget variance, attrition, and its distribution. With auto-generated reports, Senior Management such as CHRO, CPO, Head of HR, and HR Director can effectively track hiring performance, keep tabs on hiring costs, and receive critical insights on corrective measures to take for improving hiring and reducing attrition at a firm-wide level.

Intended audience: The Talent Acquisition Performance Overview report is meant for Senior Management like CHRO, CPO, Head of HR, and HR Director.

Focus metrics: Open Positions, Hiring Rate, Vacancy Closure Ratio, Time-to-fill, Hiring Cost, Attrition Rate

When to use: This report template can be used every month to track open positions, current attrition rates, and gain insights into the hiring trends of your company.

The template supports visual dashboards with relevant analytics written in natural-language summaries to provide data-driven insights for your team. 

To use this template, simply download it, connect/upload your data to the dashboard, and run the report. Start by exploring our auto-generated business analytics and create a report effortlessly in a matter of minutes. The template gives you the flexibility to customize and add comments, analysis, and insights as per your needs if required.