How Motilal Oswal scaled personalized Portfolio Performance reporting with multi-lingual recommendations for their clients

4 Lakh+ personalized client statements auto-generated
60,000 unique clients accessed the report using the tool
4 man-hours saved per client in both portfolio analysis and report writing using Phrazor

Business Challenge

Barriers to Communication of Portfolio Insights

MOSL, caters to 100,000+ active customers across India, both retail and high net worth individuals (HNI). The company created monthly portfolio analysis reports for its diversified clientele to evaluate and communicate the performance of their investments.

Unlike the HNI investors, the reports generated for retail customers simply tracked and compiled trading activity, inflows, outflows, positions, and balances in a tabular format. These transactional reports did not highlight any performance metrics. The broking firm could not provide personalized human financial advisors to its retail customers to make recommendations every step of the way. It was not a viable option. 

And, not every customer was adept at understanding portfolio reports containing complex charts and tables. Even the financially savvy clients were unable to comprehend and analyze the performance of their investments in the market as compared to their peers.

Moreover, since the majority of the investors belong to Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu, they understood the regional languages better than English. Thus, creating and sharing portfolio analysis reports in one common language - English proved to create a barrier of communication between the portfolio managers and investors.

Issues Identified

  • Significant resources required to provide human-advisory recommendations for each customer
  • Tabular portfolio reports caused a communication gap between the clients and the portfolio managers
  • Unable to send out investment reports to 1000s of customers every month
  • Communication barriers in reaching a diverse set of customers with the reports being generated in English only
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Motilal Oswal

Company Overview

Motilal Oswal Financial Services (MOFSL), is a multi-faceted financial services company with a presence in over 550 cities through 2500+ business locations; managed by a team of over 6000 employees. It provides a range of diversified products and services across Retail and Institutional Broking, Private Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Asset Management and Home Finance.

Motilal Oswal’s credo is wealth creation through knowledge for all its clients and stakeholders.

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