Talent Acquisition Report Template

This template will help you analyze the various metrics related to hiring such as the number of open positions, region-wise distribution of vacancies, hiring costs, and the overall efficiency of the hiring teams from the input data. It also analyzes the performance of the supervisor and teams, and presents insights about the monthly attrition trend and employee satisfaction score of your organization in the form of visualizations. 

The end report is designed to help talent acquisition departments to keep a tab on the hiring costs and make necessary improvements to protect revenue, improve efficiency and increase the quality of hire.

It answers questions such as:

  • What is the overall hiring trend of my organization?
  • Which regions have the highest number of vacancies?
  • Which verticals and branches have the highest number of open positions?
  • What is the monthly-wise vacancy trend of my organization?
  • What is the overall hiring efficiency in terms of the number of vacancies filled?
  • Which branches and verticals had higher hiring cost?
  • Which recruitment source led to lower hiring cost?
  • What is the overall attrition rate of my company?
  • How is the overall performance of the supervisors, and how have they performed as compared to their peers?
  • What is the change in employee satisfaction score across verticals and departments?