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Introducing Phrazor: Everything you Need to Know About This Smart BI Tool

Meet Phrazor, our self-service BI platform that turns complex data into easy-to-understand language narratives.

Nisarg Bavishi | 10 min read

Taking Financial Analysis and Reporting to the Next Level with Natural Language Generation

NLG in finance simplifies data management by automating time-consuming and repetitive workflows and increasing the speed and quality of analytics and reporting.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

Phrazor Automates Commentary on IPL Matches for a Leading Media & Publishing Company

Phrazor collaborates with Hindustan Times and ventures into a new product use case, wherein it can help publishing companies and journalists in automating written content.

Nisarg Bavishi | 5 min read

Going beyond Business Intelligence with Augmented Analytics

Explore how business intelligence systems have evolved into augmented analytics, allowing businesses to become smarter and more proactive.

Romil Shah | 6 min read

How is Reporting different from Business Intelligence?

Discover the nuances of reporting, business intelligence, and their convergence in business intelligence reporting.

Nisarg Bavishi | 8 min read

The art of Data-Driven Storytelling - What is it and why does it matter

Learn why data-driven storytelling, and not just data analytics is necessary to drive organizational change and improvement.

Romil Shah | 6 min read

How Big Data Analytics aids Media & Entertainment

Discover how big data analytics is helping media companies to maximize their entertainment value and enhance their business performance.

Romil Shah | 8 min read

Applications of AI in the media & entertainment industry

From the way creators conceptualize media content to the way consumers consume it, AI is seeping every aspect of the media and entertainment industry.

Romil Shah | 6 min read

How Natural Language Generation Is Helping Democratize Business Intelligence

Discover the role of natural language generation in democratizing business intelligence and building a fully data-driven enterprise.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

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