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How AI is Transforming HR Management

See how AI-enabled HR automation is helping enterprises to enhance the end-to-end employee lifecycle.

Nisarg Bavishi | 5 min read

4 Ways Big Data Analytics is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Learn how the use of big data is impacting the different aspects of healthcare, from diagnosis and drug discovery to treatment and post-treatment care.

Nisarg Bavishi | 13 min read

The Role of NLG-based Reporting Automation in the Pharma Industry

Explore the leading present-day use cases of natural language generation-driven reporting automation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

Develop a data-literate enterprise with NLG

Learn how Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology can aid in achieving data literacy across your enterprise to enable data-driven decision making.

Romil Shah | 5 min read

Data literacy - the skill growing enterprises must watch out for!

Discover why enterprises must understand data literacy and its importance to be prepared for the data-driven future.

Nisarg Bavishi | 8 min read

Giving Financial Reports a Facelift with Reporting Automation

Discover how financial institutions are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning-enabled natural language generation tools to automate their reporting processes.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

Automation in Banking and Financial Services: Streamlining the Reporting Process

Explore how the Banking and Financial Services industry is making the most of automated reporting.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

Personalize your Portfolio Analysis Reports for unique Customer Experience

Learn how to capitalize on creating a unique customer experience for your investors with personalized portfolio analysis reports & natural language generation.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

Simplifying Portfolio Analysis Reports using Automation

Here’s how reporting automation is changing the face of portfolio analysis reporting for better customer experience and understandability.

Romil Shah | 6 min read

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