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Giving Financial Reports a Facelift with Reporting Automation

Discover how financial institutions are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning-enabled natural language generation tools to automate their reporting processes.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

Automation in Banking and Financial Services: Streamlining the Reporting Process

Explore how the Banking and Financial Services industry is making the most of automated reporting.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

Personalize your Portfolio Analysis Reports for unique Customer Experience

Learn how to capitalize on creating a unique customer experience for your investors with personalized portfolio analysis reports & natural language generation.

Romil Shah | 10 min read

Simplifying Portfolio Analysis Reports using Automation

Here’s how reporting automation is changing the face of portfolio analysis reporting for better customer experience and understandability.

Romil Shah | 6 min read

Predictive Analytics: What is it and why it matters!

Here's how organizations are making the most of predictive analytics to discover new opportunities & solve difficult business problems.

Nisarg Bavishi | 5 min read

Business Intelligence, the modern way!

Read more to find out the modern approach to Business Intelligence and Reporting

Nisarg Bavishi | 3 min read

How AI is transforming Business Intelligence into Actionable Intelligence

Check out how advanced AI technology like Natural language generation is transforming BI Dashboards with intelligent narratives.

Nisarg Bavishi | 4 min read

Data summarization – the way ahead for businesses

Here's how proper summarization and analysis of data can help increase business value and ROI.

Shruti Vasudevan | 5 min read

NLG modernizing businesses!

Here's how leading businesses are approaching reporting and analytics using advanced artificial intelligence like Natural Language Generation (NLG).

Romil Shah | 5 min read

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