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Democratizing COVID-19 Data with Phrazor Insights

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The world is grappling with a new normal. Rich, poor, educated or not, coronavirus has touched all our lives. Ironically, it is the big equalizer of our times. People are seeking facts to better understand this rapidly evolving situation but find it difficult to make sense of data-heavy updates that need to be figured out. Data alone is not able to communicate the widespread impact of the pandemic.

Phrazor Insights serves as an inclusive solution for users who are not necessarily

  • Business users or
  • Data literate or
  • English-speaking

It generates meaningful, natural language insights in English, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, and Marathi to democratize COVID-19 facts for the layperson.

Why read this white paper?

To see how a tool like Phrazor provides simplified updates to humans in a language they understand about a pandemic that is still being understood.

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