How automated smart insights helped Torrent Pharma impact Salesforce Effectiveness and improve Medical Representative Productivity

584 man-hours saved per month on report generation and data interpretation
4500+ personalized, insightful reports generated monthly for Medical Representatives
2 modes of sharing and distribution of reports - Dashboard and Email

Business Challenge

Making Sales Efforts Count

To ensure their efforts were aligned with goals set each month, Torrent Pharma's Sales team manually extracted the sales performance data from the SAP system in excel and shared the downloaded files with reps.

These files captured the data effectively but were not too helpful in providing insights to its reader at first glance. Medical Representatives found it difficult to interpret rows and rows of data due to a lack of analytical skills and time constraints from back-to-back meetings.

Tracking and evaluating their business development efforts while shuttling between maintaining existing clients and pursuing new ones became an impossible task. This was a lagging indicator of why the on-field salesforce was unable to respond swiftly to market changes due to interpretation of complex data and the absence of actionable recommendations to inform and support decision making in real-time.

Issues Identified

  • Significant manual effort and time spent generating data-intensive files
  • Lack of data interpretation caused by data illiteracy and time constraints
  • Absence of insights, trends around potential growth opportunities
  • Lack of visibility into high ROI and incentive-driven doctors
  • Potential for improvement in data presentation, performance monitoring, and evaluation
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Torrent Pharma

Company Overview

Torrent Pharma is one of the leading players in the Indian Pharma Market with a strong international presence across 40 countries. The company has an extensive domestic network in India comprising 6,200 personnel catering to 1.70 lakh doctors; 23 sales divisions targeting diverse customer segments through 5000+ stockists; 59,000 retailers serviced through 22 distribution centers across India.

A vital component of this vast field force is the Medical Representatives. They are entrusted with increasing product awareness and driving sales through numerous meetings with doctors, pharmacy owners, clinic managers, and nutritionists.

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Use Case
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