Complaint Management Region-wise Report Template

This template gives you a geographical overview of the CRM team’s complaint management performance. It provides a region-wise distribution of customer complaints and also the causal analysis of complaints raised in each region. The auto-generated report contains smart insights for Regional Customer Service Managers to know and understand customer concerns related to the product line across multiple regions, and track the products’ success in each region. These insights provide specifics on the use of automated systems for complaint management by region and help analyze the customer-wise usage in each region. This report is effective in understanding customer priority, tracking regional product performance, and investigating anomalies related to customer complaints raised in domestic and international regions.

Intended audience: The Complaint Management Region-wise report is meant for the Regional Customer Service Manager and VP-Customer Support.

Focus metrics: Regional View - Complaint Volume, Resolution Rate, Complaint Reopen Rate, Average Resolution Time, Complaint Backlog, Carried Forward Complaints

When to use: This template can be used periodically to track the distribution of complaints based on geographies and to derive impactful insights indicating current trends in domestic and international regions related to product performance.

The template supports visual dashboards with relevant analytics written in natural-language summaries to provide data-driven insights for your team. 

To use this template, simply download it, connect/upload your data to the dashboard, and run the report. Start by exploring our auto-generated business analytics and create a report effortlessly in a matter of minutes. The template gives you the flexibility to customize and add comments, analysis, and insights as per your needs if required.