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Business Challenge


The firm was losing momentum in the market due to its inability to make quick decisions based on data. Making sense of the copious amounts of data stored and simultaneously coming in and deriving insights at speed was not feasible with the current technology in hand. Transferring data decisions down the hierarchy within timeframes to kickstart on-field team into taking the right action course was also a major hurdle. Managers wanting to obtain specific information on a subject matter at will were left waiting past the opportune moment to acquire the information, leading to lost sales opportunities.




Issues Identified


  • Data analysis being conducted on outdated data
  • Dashboards created by analysts were not able to cater to the requirements of business managers, who wanted on-the-fly answers 
  • BI team is confined to fulfilling requests from management, and is not free to focus on long-term business-oriented initiative
  • Tracking product categories and acquiring intelligent intel on each product and category was difficult to represent using traditional dashboards


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