Streamlining cumbersome analytics process in the manufacturing industry through conversational querying and point-and-click drill-down capabilities

Business Challenge

 The manufacturing firm was facing a major problem in consolidating their insights and establishing inter-relations between them. Their current processes produced fragmented insights that weren't able to serve as a base for solid decision-making. This impacted various facets of the business administration, for example, material procurement.

Manual data analysis caused crucial insights to be overlooked. Action points such as what is selling in the market, the driving factor behind it, the geographical expanse aiding sales, and other probable reasons such as time period/seasonality were not clearly surfaced. Moreover, manual analysis dependent on excel worksheets and dashboards created a cumbersome analytics process, leading to misinterpretation and wrong root cause analysis on one end, and, on the other, causing delays in decision-making.

Issues Identified

  • Inability to respond to dynamic situations in a timely manner
  • Link multiple data sources and then get holistic insights from them
  • Overlooking of manual insights and blurring of critical action points 
  • Cumbersome analytics process unsettling leading to misinterpretation and lack of timely decision-making


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