How a shipping company navigated financial planning and analyzed organizational expenses with Phrazor

2 employees can auto-generate reports. Originally 30-40 employees were involved in data preparation, analysis and reporting
40 man-hours saved per week in report creation, generation and distribution

Business Challenge

A long-drawn report

The Finance division of the company reviews business expenses and costs every month and sends an update to the management team, reporting the increase in actual expenses vs budgeted figures. Given the scale of operations, massive amounts of data were being generated across departments for various expense categories.

The process of extracting information from the database, cleaning the data, feeding it to an excel-based dashboard, reviewing every department and expense individually, interpreting the numbers, and preparing an update for review, was a manual effort that was proving to be quite a challenge. The company needed a product that could do all of the above, only faster, better, and without human intervention.

Issues Identified

  • The manual effort required to download and prep the data, analyze it, generate reports and distribute the same
  • Expenses for each cost center were individually reviewed by the team to create the report
  • The final report summarized updates sent to management over email. It was not too effective in flagging concerns or suggesting the next step
  • Human interpretation of complex metrics was error-prone
  • The archaic dashboard built-in Excel was limited in its use and depiction of data
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Company Overview

A global leader in shipping services, the company provides integrated logistics solutions in 130 countries and employs over 76,000 people to meet customer needs across the supply chain.

Services (Global In-house Center)
Use Case
Business Expense & Cost Reporting