How HDFC bank maximized the overall productivity of its 4500 branch network with actionable insights

Solving data approachability by producing personalized Branch performance reports at scale by replacing manual efforts with automation.

6,250 Reports generated monthly for all branch managers
05 Days time expedited for monthly report generation
450 hours of manual effort in MIS preparation saved

Business Challenge

Extensive manual efforts to reap actionable insights from the branch performance report

With a wide branch distribution network, HDFC bank has a long list of hierarchy starting from the branch banking heads (BBH), regional heads (RH), circle heads (CH), cluster heads (CH), and lastly branch managers (BM). Every month the bank sends out a monthly performance report to the branch manager. These performance reports are mostly in the form of tables and charts. 

The branch managers had to manually analyze the numbers, comparing it with the monthly allotted targets, and interpret the insights to share with the next immediate head – Cluster Head. The subsequent senior manager would undergo the same procedure of manually collating all the branch performance reports of their region into one comprehensive report to present it to the next inline senior manager in the hierarchy. 

The existing system of report creation proved to be very time consuming and inefficient. The managers had to spend hours collating the data, interpreting insights, and creating personalized reports for the next inline, explaining the metrics in charts, graphs, and complicated diagrams. The manual effort required to provide personalized comprehensive reports was substantial and slowed down the overall deliveries. 

Key Problems Identified:

  • Unavailability of personalized reports across all branches.
  • Branch employees spent too much time analyzing & interpreting data in hand.
  • BBHs could not do a quick analysis of the sales performance.
  • Manual data extraction from MIS for report creation.

“Phrazor is a powerful reporting tool. It has helped our branch banking channel eliminate data redundancy which is common when using an excel spreadsheet. Phrazor-generated reports have helped our branches efficiently track their business performance and share this information among team-members with great ease.”

- Sandeep Pradhan | Head - Mobility Products & Channels

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Company Overview

HDFC, India's largest private sector bank has its presence in both digital and brick and mortar branches. The banking giant has a distribution network of 5,500 branches across 2,764 cities. Recently entered into the digital landscape, HDFC churns out more than 85% of its transactions from its digital channels.

To increase customer satisfaction and ROI through digital channels, the Branch Banking Heads (BBH) closely monitored the performance of every branch in their regions.

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