Fintech company uses Phrazor to optimize the overall productivity of the sales force

Fintech company uncovers sales performance insights with Phrazor for better decision making.

The Impact
19000 Reports generated annually. 200 sales officers covered.
100 Hours of weekly efforts saved in report creation and distribution.
02 Resources reduced in the MIS reporting team.

Business Challenge

Tracking and monitoring Zonal Branch Managers Primary & Secondary Sales Performance

To maintain the balance and meet the growing demands of the customers, the fintech company closely focuses on the activities of the Distribution Sales Team. Recognized to be one of the most target-oriented and exhaustive processes, every zonal branch manager has to meet his daily primary and secondary target. Primary target to expand the retail network and secondary target to expand the network of distributors.

The Zonal branch managers (ZBMs) work with their teams of zonal sales managers (ZSMs) to meet the daily targets. By the end of the week, the ZBMs have to present the weekly target v/s achievement performance report to the next inline manager. This report was drafted manually by the ZBMs based on the data shared by ZSMs in an excel document while working on the field.

A considerable amount of time was spent on collating data and collecting information from the team. At times it was even challenging for some managers to interpret the collated data accurately and derive critical insights for decision making. The reports generated barely scratched the surface of insights, lacked personalization, and were not up to the mark.

Key Problems Identified:

  • Significant manual effort and time spent on creating weekly performance reports.
  • Lack of data interpretation caused by data illiteracy and time constraints.
  • Inability to identify hidden trends and insights from data reported.
  • Lack of personalized reports across team hierarchies.
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Company Overview

An Indian Fintech company, partnered with some of the largest Indian banking players, democratizes banking services to unbanked customers from weaker economic sections of the society by its app-based platform. It provides over 100 plus services to cater to all the needs a customer has from a bank like no-frills bank accounts, deposit, withdrawal, and remittance services, etc.

Extending its network over 100k merchants across 150 cities, it has built the largest cash-to-digital network in India, which processes over US$230 million in transactions per month.

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